Valve Repair and Refurbishment

Anvil Services Valve Repair & Refurbishment

ASC's Anvil Services valve repair and refurbishment team has set the industry standard in producing congruent OEM valve trim parts such as plugs, stems, cages, seats, bonnets, and guide bushings for virtually every control valve manufacturer in all shapes and sizes for the last 40 years. Any trim part—new, worn-out, or even obsolete—can be reproduced using our state-of-the-art 3D-CAD and CMM measurement equipment, along with expert manufacturing capabilities. We can also manufacture trim parts and rebuild valves when the OEM is no longer in business or parts are obsolete.

We stock a wide range of mill-certified metals and alloys such as multiple varieties of stainless steel, Inconel®, Hastelloy®, and tungsten-carbide. Our machine shop capabilities range from state-of-the-art CNC machining to precision grinding to hard surfacing and coatings such as Stellite® overlay, Ion-Nitride, heat-treating and HVOF. We can apply hard-surfacing on all critical areas such as seated and wear locations in order to extend the usable life of your valves. This hard surface provides protection against cavitations, flashing / erosion, vibration / noise, turbulence, corrosion, and abrasion that can so often occur.

When faced with deadlines, demanding outage schedules, or an emergency breakdown, we provide expert service that’s designed to minimize downtime and maximize customer satisfaction. If you are interested in new spares or having your parts quoted for repair, you can provide us your sample trim for refurbishment or repair and we will have a quote for you as soon as possible.
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Our team has expertise in repair and reconstruction of the following aftermarket severe service valve OEM parts:

  • Fisher
  • CCI-Drag
  • BTG/Sulzer
  • Valtek
  • Copes-Vulcan
  • Masoneilan
  • Yarway
  • Pacific
  • Edwards
  • Siemens - Westinghouse
  • Trillium/WEIR/Atwood-Morrill
  • GE
  • Velan
  • ABB/Alstrom
  • Toshiba
  • Anchor-Darling