ASC ConnectED™-Spec

ASC ConnectED™-Spec


The latest way to convert your specifications here. ASC ConnectED™-Spec allows engineers to quickly validate project specification accuracy by providing the latest ASC product data and suggesting the best choice.

Contractors, have spec questions? Quickly review a specification and understand where ASC products can support your building plan with ASC ConnectED-Spec. Receive suggested BIM content and product data to build your submittal. Read the flyer to learn more.

  • First-of-its-kind, MEP AI powered Specification tool created by ASC experts
  • Access product data in real time
  • Improve your spec by converting to the ASC product line
  • Share the latest version with your project collaborators
  • No cost to use or download required

Access ASC ConnectED™-Spec today!

ASC ConnectED™ Digital Construction Tools

Our suite of ASC ConnectED™ tools, services, and products are designed to drive project success by simplifying your construction lifecycle. We’ve made it easier than ever before for you to design, specify and create a bill of materials using ASC’s products. We support your entire project lifecycle from conception to construction.
When it comes time to build, our wide product selection makes it easy to work with a single, trusted supplier for every project. One supplier, one digital destination, one happy you.

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