From commercial and industrial facilities to residential structures, fire protection presents unique challenges. The products must be of unquestionable quality and reliability, engineered and manufactured to the highest standards. The reason is simple: the dependability of these systems is literally a matter of life and death.

ASC Engineered Solutions is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of fire protection. We offer some of the most innovative and respected brands in the industry, such as FPPI® and FlexHead®—the brand that invented flexible sprinkler drops, dramatically simplifying sub-main connections to save time and labor costs with no impact on system effectiveness.

Our range of products used in fire protection is unmatched. This enables you to source more of what you need from a single knowledgeable and reliable partner with full accountability. Our certified, U.S.-sourced products are 100% traceable from foundry to installation.

We’re an industry leader in seismic protection systems, offering a comprehensive range of product solutions as well as innovative tools, such as our proprietary SeisBrace® design tool to simplify the matching of products to seismic design requirements.

We also bring you the engineering knowledge and information you need (with accurate product information including BIM and CAD drawings, seismic bracing design, REVIT software plug-ins and other dedicated tools that simplify design) along with expert support and engineering services when needed.

Our new Seismic Hanger Sales Engineer specializing in Fire Protection applications, John Deutsch, is here to support your technical consultation needs.

John is based in Fullerton, California and has over 30 years of experience in the Fire Protection Industry. He comes to ASC highly accredited.
John is available to:
- Answer design questions related to hanging and bracing of fire sprinkler systems
- Plan reviewer questions and requests for information from AHJs
- Train your team on seismic bracing per NFPA 13 and our Seis Brace software
- Help with miscellaneous fire sprinkler related questions

Learn more about our seismic technical support services and reach out to John.

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