Virtual Design & Construction

Virtual Design & Construction


Our VDC team produces fabrication drawings of mechanical room piping 2½" and larger, including chillers, heat exchangers, boilers and pumps from contractor-supplied flow diagrams, mechanical drawings and approved submittals and specifications.

The drawings include a Bill of Materials (BOM) with tags referencing the components in the mechanical room. The piping is color-coded by service and is represented in 3D with plan, isometric and elevation views.

When you contact our VDC Team, you'll meet with an experienced engineer to understand your project and specifications scope. Once all the details are worked out and agreed upon the drawing work begins and preliminary prints are provided to review and discuss at trade meetings.

We usually reduce fitting counts by 10%–15% by moving equipment whenever possible, usually less than a foot. The more movement is allowed, the more savings can be realized.

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Design Services Work Sample

Extended Services include any scope beyond Basic Services. There are many different types of services offered as extended:

  • BOM by component (pump, chiller) or by system
  • Unique Tagging – adding unique tags to individual components
  • Air Handling Units – with associated ductwork
  • Single Line Routing – non-dimensional
  • Distribution Piping
  • Dimensioned Floor Penetrations
  • AWWA Piping - total scope
  • Commercial Piping
  • Oil Field Piping
  • Retrofit Projects - Field Survey
  • Hybrid Systems
  • Anything else for the Design Process