Anvil EPS Non-Conductive Roller Fig 76CP

Anvil EPS fig 76 non-conductive roller is a fabricated roller for large diameter pipe requiring isolation due to cathodic protection. It comes in ten standard sizes to be used with pipe of 30" - 72" and loads up to 60,000 lbs. Smaller sizes of fig 76 are available upon request. The base can be bolted or welded to the support structure. Alternative attachment configurations are available upon request.

Fig 76CP was developed to be a cathodic isolation solution for oil transported via pipeline within a terminal setting where conventional PVC pipe slide pads were unable to work effectively given the high system loads. Fig 76 has a unique non-conductive roller assembly that effectively isolates the pipeline from the attachment structure while meeting the high load requirements. The isolation feature is built into the roller assembly, eliminating the need for PVC isolation pads and isolation bolting while reducing installation time and costs.

Pipelines with ICCP systems that utilize ASC's non-conductive rollers can reduce build time and eliminate the costs of the isolation pads and bolting, thereby improving cost savings.