ASC Helps Accord Mechanical Construct Community Center On Time & On Budget

Gruvlok brand grooved couplings, flanges, valves and pipe protection components allowed for fast install and lower labor costs.

Gears icon The Challenge

The snowiest winter in Philadelphia history caused building delays for Accord Mechanical of Norristown, Pennsylvania, on its biggest project. The $30 million Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in the Tioga/Nicetown section of the city had a tight budget and even tighter deadlines, both of which were jeopardized by the 70-plus inches of snow that fell on Philadelphia by the end of February 2010.

Beset by work stoppages and supply delays, the contractor needed the best piping solution possible, with a high-quality, highly efficient installation plan to keep the project on track. The company’s long-standing use of welded systems wasn’t feasible, given the time constraints and that winter’s record-breaking snowfall.

Pipe icon The Solution

ASC Engineered Solutions Technical Services staff, along with the local ASC Regional Sales team, knew that we could help. Working quickly, they provided the contractor with a detailed preliminary plan using ASC's Gruvlok® line of grooved couplings, flanges and pipe protection components.

Coupled with highly accurate pricing provided at the start of the project, the contractor could easily budget and plan. The recommendation of Gruvlok grooved systems allowed a faster installation than traditional welded systems. This helped keep the project on schedule and contributed significantly to lower labor costs.

ASC Icons Library Results The Result

The Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center provides vital services — a huge aquatics area, chapel, daycare, family health offices and more — to a once-vibrant section of Philadelphia now undergoing revitalization.

ASC is proud to have helped Accord Mechanical realize Joan Kroc’s dream of using her good fortune to help others.

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