ASC & Partners Bring the Coleman Dock to Seattle to Service North America's Largest Ferry System

Hardhat icon The Challenge

As with any construction project timing is key, products are needed in a timely manner. This project was no exception. Additionally, the Coleman Dock in Seattle is a state funded project and therefore must comply with Buy America standards. This requirement tasked Holmberg Mechanical and Rosen Plumbing Supply with an additional challenge. They needed to secure the right materials, many of which were unique on time and with the proper Buy America certification.

ASC Icons Library Grooved coupling The Solution

Rosen Plumbing Supply and ASC have a long-standing partnership based on outstanding communication. The first hydro test consisted of over 1000 linear feet of 6" piping, which included hundreds of Gruvlok® fittings and Couplings. Randy Hart of Holmburg Mechanical who has been in the industry nearly 30 years comments that “Gruvlok® technology is a fool proof design that reduces labor significantly compared to welding” In addition to the ease of installation that is delivered with Gruvlok technology, ASC was able to deliver all of the needed documentation and submittals in a timely manner. Kevin Swanson of Rosen Plumbing Supply said “The level of personal service from the ASC team is what made the difference in this project”.

ASC Icons Library Results The Result

The combination of the Gruvlok technology, excellent communication and ability to delivery all materials and documentation in a timely manner made the project for Rosen Plumbing Supply, Holmberg Mechanical and ASC Engineered Solutions a success. The project located at 801 Alaskan Way Seattle, WA 98104 will service the largest ferry system in North America. The five year project is currently underway and with an expected completion in 2023.

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