ASC & Partners Team Up to Bring an Underwater Adventure to Historic Downtown St. Louis

Hardhat icon The Challenge

As with most construction projects, National Sales Company and Rock Hill Mechanical had a strict deadline to hit, however, theirs was particularly noteworthy: Christmas Day 2019. The new Aquarium at Union Square was a much anticipated addition to downtown St. Louis and expected to open to a large holiday crowd. The planned mechanical room consisted of air handling units, condensed water, chilled water, as well as heated water systems.

ASC Icons Library Grooved coupling The Solution

National Sales Company (NSC) and ASC have a long-standing strategic partnership that allowed NSC to provide competitive pricing and quick deliveries of material to Rock Hill Mechanical to keep the project on track.

Jamison Bloebaum, VP – Design Build Services from Rock Hill Mechanical, said despite the fact the specs for the mechanical room were originally for PVC/CPVC, they quoted the job for carbon steel Gruvlok® with confidence, having used Gruvlok products successfully in past projects. In the non-corrosive environment of the mechanical room, Rock Hill Mechanical knew carbon steel Gruvlok products would provide the customer with a long-term solution by holding up far better than PVC joints to the rigorous vibrations of the nearby pumps.

ASC's complete Gruvlok system was utilized in the Mechanical room; fittings, couplings and valves. Gruvlok Slidelok® couplings were used on fittings 8" or smaller and Gruvlok Rigidlok® couplings were used on fittings 10" or larger.

ASC Icons Library Results The Result

The combination of the selected products, ease of install and a solid collaboration between ASC, Rock Hill Mechanical and NSC, made the project a complete success. The 120,000 square foot aquarium featuring more than 13,000 animals from more than 250 species and a 250,000 gallon shark tank with over 80 sharks and rays opened as scheduled before a large crowd on Christmas Day 2019.

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