Gruvlok® SlideLOK Ready for Installation Fig 74 Coupling

ASC Engineered Solutions is proud to offer the most advanced ready for installation couplings available, manufactured in the USA utilizing advanced engineering. All SlideLOK couplings are available for IPS and CTS applications in painted and galvanized finishes. These products allow for the safest installation procedure possible and do not come with any loose parts.

The 74 SlideLOK coupling is the most rigid ready for installation coupling in the market.

Its slide action eases assembly and reduces installation time. The patented gasket provides four separate sealing surfaces for added protection. The 74 SlideLOK coupling is designed to be used with roll groove or cut groove steel pipe, grooved light wall pipe, Gruvlok® grooved-end fittings, and valves.

The 74 SlideLOK coupling allows for a maximum working pressure of 750 psi on roll or cut grooved carbon steel standard wall pipe.

Available in 2" through 8" with “EP” EPDM gasket for water service (-40˚F to +250˚F), and “T” Nitrile gasket for petroleum services (-20˚F to +180˚F).