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Anvil International® Expands Gruvlok® CTS Copper System with Mechanical Tee and Cross

Exeter, NH, July 2, 2020 – Anvil has increased its Gruvlok® CTS copper offering with the addition of the new figure 6045 Mechanical Tee and figure 6047 Mechanical Cross. The two new products deepen the existing, high-quality Gruvlok CTS copper line currently available to suppliers. Gruvlok CTS Mechanical Tees and Crosses provide installers with a quick, easy solution for adding outlets to copper pipe runs. By simply positioning the locating collar of the figure 6045 or figure 6047 inside the outlet hole drilled in the pipe, aligning the strap around the pipe, and tightening the nuts, branch and cross connections can be added to a copper pipe run with less labor and time than welding. The housing of the figure 6045 and figure 6047 is specially engineered to fit to the tube OD and the gasket provides a reliable, leak-preventing seal in both positive pressure and vacuum conditions.

The Gruvlok figure 6045 CTS Mechanical Tee provides a branch connection and the figure 6047 CTS Mechanical Cross provides a cross connection in type K, L, or M copper tube, both with NPT female pipe thread branches. Figure 6045 and 6047 are available in sizes 2 1/2" x 3/4" through 4" x 1 1/2".

View Gruvlok® CTS Copper System Brochure for complete offering.