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Anvil International® Offers Versatility with new Afcon® Seismic Bracing Solutions

Exeter, NH, July 15, 2020 - Anvil International has added two new seismic bracing solutions to the industry-leading Afcon® line. The cULus Listed and FM Approved figure AF700 Universal Swivel Attachment and figure AF730 Longitudinal & Lateral Seismic Clamp are designed to provide seismic bracing in fire protection systems.

The figure AF700 is the transitional component of a rigid seismic brace assembly.  It swivels to form the angled connection point of a brace to the structure.  Due to the figure AF700’s unmatched prying factors, it supports greater design loads in concrete and can reduce the amount of bracing required. It offers flexibility by working with 1” through 2” diameter brace pipe, allowing distributors to stock one SKU and installers to make last minute changes in the field. The AF700 is available with 1/2”, 5/8”, and 3/4” fastener holes for use with a variety of anchor sizes.

The figure AF730 clamp is the system pipe attachment component of a rigid seismic brace assembly. It can be used to form either a lateral or longitudinal brace, for system pipe sizes from 1” up to 12” in diameter.  It has the same flexibility as the AF700 as it works with 1” through 2” diameter brace pipe. 

Both new items feature break away fasteners that provide a visual indication that torque values have been achieved during installation by tightening until the head shears off. Both products are now available in Anvil’s SeisBrace® seismic bracing design software, which allows for fast, accurate zone of influence calculations.

Both of these new products are proudly made in the U.S.A. AF700 and AF730 are cULus listed, FM approved, and comply with these standards, NFPA 13, ASCE 7, & MSS SP-127.