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Ultra SprinkFLEX® Flexible Hoses and SprinkFLEX Infinite Position Bracket for Fire Sprinkler Systems

Anvil International® Expands Its SprinkFLEX Product Line with New Economical, Interchangeable Hoses and Bracket

Exeter, NH, Oct 1, 2020 - Anvil International introduces the newest addition to our flexible hoses and brackets for fire sprinkler systems product portfolio, Ultra SprinkFLEX. This product is an economical, versatile 1" hose solution for fire sprinkler system engineers, designers, and installers. It features a three piece design and is available with interchangeable components to create a flexible fire sprinkler hose solutions for all obstacles encountered in the field. Ultra SprinkFLEX hoses are available in 28", 40, 48", 59", and 71".

The 71" hose is designed to accept up to 12 bends for the longest length, eliminating the need to count or measure bends, leading to faster installs and inspections that lead to quicker occupancy.

Ultra SprinkFLEX hoses are UL listed for tight 2-inch bend radius, feature a high temperature silicone gasket design rated at 250˚ UL, 174˚ FM, and threaded, groove, and weld inlet components for branch connection. They can accommodate pendant, semi-recessed, and concealed sprinkler heads.

The new SprinkFLEX infinite position mounting bracket (IPT) allows a sprinkler to be located anywhere within a ceiling with reference marks in the center for ease of installation without the need for measuring. It is available in 24" and 48" length and comes fully assembled with an open hub for ease of installation. Using this bracket allows a sprinkler head to be installed prior to bracket installation and is compatible with any sprinkler head brand.

The SprinkFLEX name delivers unmatched quality and value in the fire protection industry .

For more information, view the product submittal and the product install video.