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Gruvlok® SLT Fittings with SlideLOK® Couplings

Exeter, NH, April 3, 2020 -  Anvil International’s new Gruvlok® Coupling with pre-installed SLT Fittings install 5 times faster than industry standard grooved fittings in fire protection systems.  The new Figure FP7074SLT and SE5-SLT utilize a patented design to allow caps and end of line fittings to be pre-installed at the factory eliminating the need for field fabrication.  No loose parts and no special tools required means installation is as easy as simply pushing the FP7074SLT or SE5-SLT on the pipe and tightening the nuts.

Both the cap and end of line fitting are designed to be used with standard roll, cut or swage grooved pipe, and Gruvlok or Anvil SPF grooved-end fittings and valves. The FP7074SLT (1”-4”) and SE5-SLT (1 1/4”-3”) are designed for use in fire protection systems, have a 450PSI working pressure, and are UL and ULC listed and FM approved.