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​SeisBrace® 2.0 Includes the New Requirements of NFPA 13 (2019)

Exeter, NH, April 29, 2020 - Anvil International’s latest update to SeisBrace®, a web-based seismic fire protection design tool, introduces new features to assist designers when complying to the new requirements of NFPA 13.  The latest updates to SeisBrace 2.0 makes the process of running zone of influence calculations consistent, fast, and easy. Pre-loaded with NFPA 13 2016 and 2019 requirements, as well as self-correcting functionality, SeisBrace 2.0 ensures compliance and inability to miscalculate. The end result is a complete submittal PDF package with all calculations and submittal sheets included.

SeisBrace® 2.0, is a free online seismic design tool for fire protection available without download. Online availability allows access to instant updates without having to download a new version or update patches.  The program can be used anywhere and on any device with internet access. Full range of new features include: detailed calculations in accordance with NFPA 13, 2016 / ASCE7-10 and 2019 / ASCE7-16, three possible methods to optimize brace layout, pipe selection by manufacturer for more accurate load calculation, anchor selection by manufacturer to maximize structural attachment capacity, prying factors of Anvil products to maximize swivel component, UL or FM loads to comply with project specifications, and more.  

To access the free web-based software visit or access from our home page.