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Anvil International’s Titan® Riser Clamp Installs 3X Faster than Other Clamps

Exeter, NH, May 7, 2020 - Anvil International® introduces the Titan® Riser figure CT-122T. The figure CT-122T Titan Riser clamp features a thermoplastic insert designed to support a vertical riser pipe line while protecting the insulation. The clamp is able to handle vertical design loads up to 320 lbs, while reducing leaks and condensation by creating a superior vapor barrier over traditional insulating methods. Titan Riser CT-122T creates a professional appearance and doesn’t require special or additional insulation around the clamp, creating an easier, faster installation than standard riser clamps.  

Titan Riser clamps are available to support copper tube with outside diameters of ¾” to 4” with insulation of either 1” or 1 ½” thickness. Titan Risers are UL 2043 listed, conform to MSS SP-58 (type 8) and meet BAA. 

Anvil Titan Riser CT-122T Flyer