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ASC Engineered Solutions Adds Two New Sway Braces to Its Seismic Bracing Product Family

Oak Brook, IL, June 23, 2023 – ASC Engineered Solutions has added two new stainless steel attachment components of a complete sway brace assembly for fire protection sprinkler systems – AFCON AF700SS Universal Swivel Attachment and AF730SS Longitudinal and Lateral Sway Brace Attachment.

Using just the AF700SS and the AF730SS a complete stainless steel sway brace assembly can be formed for lateral, longitudinal or four-way riser braces. For projects that require stainless steel material ASC has a complete product solution for sprinkler main pipe from 1” to 8” IPS, and brace pipe from 1” to 2” IPS. These new stainless seismic products come complete with built-in visual verification of the required installation torque, with break-off bolts and nuts, and all the features and functionality you need for fast and easy installation.

We have also included, in our Seis Brace™ software, stainless steel anchors for concrete applications so a complete zone of influence calculation can be done for stainless steel projects. The AF700SS is available in ½” through ¾” anchor diameters. We’ve even incorporated stainless steel pipe into our Seis Brace software for system mains, branch lines and brace pipe.

Like all ASC AFCON seismic products both the AF700SS and the AF730SS are UL Listed and FM Approved.

These new t-316 stainless sway brace products comply with project specifications for highly corrosion resistant products and with project specifications for non-magnetic products.

For more information about ASC AFCON stainless steel universal sway bracing, and the complete Seis Brace seismic design solution, contact your local ASC Engineered Solutions sales representative.