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ASC Engineered Solutions Introduces New Anvil Brand Anti-Vibration Safety Washer

ASC Engineered Solutions is introducing a new economical, first of its kind, engineered solution to prevent vibration-caused failure of clevis hanger threaded components.

Anvil Figure 260SW installs quickly and easily in new construction or retrofit safety projects in potentially dangerous vibration-heavy structures such as manufacturing plants, distribution centers, parking structures, bridges, tunnels and stadiums.

Constructed of aluminum for easy install (it can be bent by hand to lock in place), Figure 260SW is available in various sizes (3/4” – 1”) to accommodate the hardware on all sizes of Anvil figure 260 clevis hangers. It can be used with insulation shields, pre-insulated inserts, felt lining or plastic coating.

It comes in a bright anodized “safety orange” color to help ensure visual verification of correct installation from the ground.

The 260SW safety washer is installed on the cross-bolt and hanger rod hardware of the hanger to prevent failure of the hanger due to loosening or complete unfastening over time due to structural vibrations. It can be installed either during pipe installation or later as a safety upgrade, and is easy to remove and replace for system maintenance.

For more information about Anvil figure 260SW anti-vibration safety washer, contact your local ASC Engineered Solutions sales representative or visit the product page.