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FIG 260 260 Adjustable Clevis Hanger

9515 260

Size Range: 1/2" through 30"

Material: Carbon steel

Finish: Plain, 8" & Smaller: Zinc Plated (Hot-Dip Galvanized optional), 10" & Larger: Hot-Dip Galvanized with Zinc Plated Bolts & Nuts, or Primed, also available in Plastic or Epoxy Coated.

Service: Recommended for the suspension of stationary pipe lines.

Maximum Temperature: Plain 650° F, Galvanized and Epoxy 450° F

Approvals: Complies with Federal Specification A-A-1192A (Type 1), WW-H-171-E (Type 1), ANSI/MSS SP-69 and MSS SP-58 (Type 1). FM Approved (Sizes 3/4" through 8"), UL and ULC Listed (Sizes 1/2" through 8")

Installation: Hanger load nut above clevis must be tightened securely to assure proper hanger performance.

Adjustment: Vertical adjustment without removing pipe may be made from 3/8" through 5-1/8", varying with the size of clevis. Tighten upper nut after adjustment.


• Design has yoke on outside of lower U-strap so yoke cannot slide toward center of bolt, thus bending of bolt is minimized.

• Sizes 5" and up have rod and two nuts instead of bolt and nut; thread length on clevis rod is such that the thread locks the nuts in place, and threads are not in shear plane.

Ordering: Specify pipe size, figure number, name and finish.


  • Punched forming holes may be present on certain sizes of this clevis hanger. These holes are solely for the purpose of manufacturing, and do not effect the structural integrity or load carrying capacities of these hangers.
  • For insulated line options without shields, see Figures 260 ISS and Figure 300. For insulated line options with shields, see Figures 167 and 168. For ductile iron pipe sizes, see Figure 590.
  • Fig. 260F (Felt lined) – available for use for suspension of copper (or other material) so as to prevent electrolysis between the dissimilar metals of the hanger and the pipe, tube or conduit.

Caution: When an oversize clevis is used, a pipe spacer or multispacer should be placed over clevis bolt to ensure that the lower U-strap will not move in on the bolt.

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