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FIG FP7000 FP7000* Lightweight Flexible Coupling

Pi Gruv 7000

The Gruvlok® Figure 7000 Lightweight Coupling is designed for applications where system flexibility is desired.

The Figure 7000 Lightweight Coupling is approximately 30% lighter in weight than the Figure 7001 Coupling. Working pressure ratings shown are for reference only and are based on Schedule 40 pipe. For the latest UL/ULC listed, LPCB, VdS and FM Approved pressure ratings versus pipe schedule, ask your ASC sales representative.

The Figure 7000 Lightweight Coupling with a Pre-Lubricated Grade “E” EPDM, Type “A” gasket (coupling is easily identified by purple nuts) is intended for use in fire protection systems installed in accordance with NFPA Standard 13 “Sprinkler Systems”.

Material Specifications

Ductile Iron conforming to ASTM A-536, Grade 65-45-12


Heat treated, oval-neck track head bolts conforming to ASTM A-183 Grade 2 with a minimum tensile strength of 110,000 psi and heavy hex nuts of carbon steel conforming to ASTM A-563 Grade A or Grade B, or J995 Grade 2. Bolts and nuts are provided zinc electroplated as standard.


Heat treated, zinc electroplated oval-neck track head bolts made of carbon steel with mechanical properties per ISO 898-1 Class 8.8. Hex nuts and bolts are zinc electroplated followed by a yellow chromate dip.


  • Rust inhibiting paint Color: ORANGE (standard)
  • Hot Dipped Zinc Galvanized (optional)
  • Other available options: Example: RAL3000 or RAL9000 Series

For other coating requirements contact an Anvil Representative.


  • Standard Gruvlok
  • Gruvlok XtremeTM required for dry pipe systems and freezer applications


Properties as designated in accordance with ASTM D-2000.

  • Pre-Lubricated Grade “E” EPDM, Type A Gasket (Violet color code) -40°F to 150°F (Service Temperature Range)(-40°C to 66°C)
    Recommended for wet and dry (oil free air) pipe fire protection sprinkler systems. For dry pipe systems and freezer applications, Gruvlok XtremeTM Lubricant is required.
  • Grade “EP” EPDM (Green and Red color code) -40°F to 250°F (Service Temperature Range)(-40°C to 121°C)
    Recommended for water service, diluted acids, alkalies solutions, oil-free air and many other chemical services. NOT FOR USE IN PETROLEUM APPLICATIONS.


  • Standard C Style
  • Flush Gap

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