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FIG 7042M & 7042G & 7042F 7042 Outlet Coupling

4169 7042 M

The Gruvlok Fig. 7042 Outlet Coupling is designed to join two sections of grooved end pipe and form a reducing outlet connection. The outlet couplings are available for the 1-1/2" through 6" IPS or ISO run pipe sizes with the outlet pipe sizes ranging from 1/2" through 2".

Assembly of the coupling will create a gap between the pipe ends allowing the space required for the introduction of an outlet connection. The outlet connections are available grooved (Fig. 7042G), FPT (Fig. 7042F) and MPT (Fig. 7042M).

The gaskets are available in EPDM and Nitrile to suit a wide range of applications. The gasket design is a unique pressure responsive design that provides a higher sealing force as pressure is increased. The outlet gasket seal is reinforced by a steel ring and is mated to a machined housing surface to assure a leak-tight outlet seal. Center ribs inside the gasket ease positioning of the pipe during installation and provide additional support to the gasket. The outlet couplings are NOT recommended for vacuum applications or for use with beveled end pipe.

The Figure 7074 Cast Caps are NOT recommended for use on run connections. Contact an Anvil Representative for additional details. Figure 7075 Bull Plugs must be used on end of line run connections. Figure 7074 Cast Caps may be used on Figure 7042G outlet connections. Flow into the outlet connection of the Figure 7042 Outlet Couplings must not exceed 7 ft./sec.

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