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FIG 7240 7240 Expansion Joint

9388 7240

The Gruvlok® Figure 7240 Expansion Joint takes advantage of the axial expansion capabilities of the Gruvlok flexible couplings to produce a reliable grooved end expansion joint. The expansion joint is comprised of Gruvlok Figure 7000 or 7001 flexible couplings and precision machined grooved end pipe nipples. Ties are used to custom preset the expansion joint in the expanded, compressed or intermediate position to provide for the desired expansion and/or contraction compensation.

Installation is easy, simply follow the Gruvlok coupling installation and assembly instructions to install the expansion joint in the system and after installation is complete, remove the ties.

Expansion joints can be used as flexible connectors, however, they will not simultaneously provide for full axial expansion and angular deflection. Expansion joints require pipe anchoring capable of restraining the maximum system pressure end load.

The service conditions are the same as the service conditions for coupling and gasket used in the expansions joint. Unless otherwise requested, this product will contain a silicone-based lubricant. Refer to the Gruvlok catalog for coupling performance capabilities and material specifications. To order please provide the order form on the next page.

NOTE: The Gruvlok Figure 7240 Expansion Joint is also available in stainless steel.

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