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FIG AS4062, AS4087, AS4112, AS4137, AS4162, AS4212, AS8062, AS8087, AS8112, AS8137, AS8162, AS8212, AS8262, AS8312, AS9087, AS9112, AS9137, AS9162, AS9212, AS4084, AS4105, AS4131, AS4166, AS4190, AS8084, AS8105, AS8131, AS8166, AS8190, AS8237, AS8287, AS9084, AS9105, AS9131, AS9166, AS9190 Klo-Shure® Strut Mounted Insulation Coupling used with Fiberglass Insulation

10572 Klo Shure 9 Series
  • Klo-Shure Strut Mounted parts include the Klo-Shure Coupling, clamp halves with welded fastener and locknut.

  • Material: Clamp: 1008-1018 Carbon Steel; Coupling: High Strength TPO Plastic

  • Approvals: UL 2043 Fire Test for Heat and Visible Smoke Release - 25/50 Flame Spread/Smoke Development Index

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