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FIG FTV-A FTV-A Tri-Service Valve, Angle

9422 Ftv S

The Model FTV-S & FTV-A Tri-Service Valve is primarily designed for installation in pump discharge piping where it functions as a spring loaded silent check valve, flow control valve and shut off valve.

The Model FTV Tri-Service Valve operates automatically and silently. Line pressure of approximately 1/4 PSI will open the disc. The spring closes the disc as the line flow approaches zero in order to prevent flow reversal & water hammer. The flow through the valve can be adjusted from bubble tight shut off to full flow by the threaded rising stem.

The unique convertible body design permits the valve to be changed on site from the straight to the angle configuration.

Flow measurement (where an approximate indication is acceptable) is obtained by flow measuring ports on each side of the valve seat. Pressure differential is easily recorded using differential pressure measurement devices. If precision accuracy is required, we recommend that a Gruvlok® Circuit Balancing Valve be installed downstream from the FTV valve.

Picture shows straight configuration

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