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FIG HBMGAS HB-Mega Support with Pre-Galvanized Steel Channel

HB Mega 12 132 PG

HB-Mega support with 15/8" 12 GA H-132 with pre-galvanized steel channel

The HB-Mega Series is UV resistant and suitable for installations on all types of roofing surfaces and on ground applications and can be used as a curb (sleeper) replacement. The HB-MEGA series can support natural gas, refrigeration, light to heavier pipe hanger support systems, and Adjustable and Fixed Duct Support Systems.


  • 100% Recycled Rubber
  • All 4 corners coated with ANSI #2535.1-1998 orange
  • ASTM D575 Method B – Modified – Compression/Deflection tested/accredited
  • ASTM D1171 Modified – Ozone Resistance tested/accredited
  • Freeze/Thaw Environmental Simulation tested/accredited

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