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FIG LUBE Gruvlok Lubricants - Standard, Xtreme, Quick Dry

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Gruvlok® Standard Lubricant

Gruvlok® Lubricant is the standard lubricant that has been provided for use with Gruvlok products for years. Gruvlok Lubricant is water soluble, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, and will not impart taste or odor.

Gruvlok® Xtreme™ Lubricant

Gruvlok® Xtreme™ Lubricant has been developed for use with Gruvlok couplings in services where improved lubrication is beneficial. This lubricant has an operating temperature range from -65°F to 400°F (-53.8°C to 204°C), well exceeding the temperature range of Gruvlok gaskets. This lubricant is waterproof, thereby eliminating water wash-out and it will not dry out in the absence of water.

Gruvlok® Quick Dry Lubricant

Gruvlok® Quick Dry Lubricant is a fast drying lubricant that has been developed for applications where the piping system is exposed. The service temperature range for this lubricant is from 0° F to 150° F (-17.8°C to 65.6°C) and may be used with all Gruvlok gasket material grades. The lubricant is made from a water emulsion that is non-toxic, it will not impart taste or odor, and does not support bacterial growth.

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