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FIG GMS810 S810 Suction Diffuser


The Figure S810 Suction Diffuser is compact and rugged for direct mounting to the suction side of a pump in either a horizontal or vertical position. In addition to removing foreign particles, the Figure S810 also provides proper flow conditions to the pump. Where space is limited, the Figure S810 can be used to replace the straight pipe normally required to reduce turbulence. The Figure S810 Suction Diffuser can be used for primary or additional strainer protection, especially for controls, meters and other rotating equipment.

The Figure S810 Suction Diffuser’s permanent perforated stainless steel screen helps remove foreign particles. The inlet end is suitable for installation with Gruvlok couplings. The outlet end is provided with a Class 150 ANSI flat face flange. The large 5 to 1 open area ratio and the blow-off mean minimum servicing with easy draining and flushing. Quick opening knobs minimize down time on sizes 3 in. x 2 in. thru 10 in. x 8 in. (larger sizes are provided with stud/nut arrangement). Sealing between body and cover is accomplished by using an EPDM O-ring. Straightening vanes in the diffuser outlet reduce turbulence so that stress and erosion on the pump is minimized.

The Figure S810 Suction Diffuser is designed with special support pads that fit the I.D. of standard pipe. This relieves the stress on hangers and inlet piping and eliminates the need for a pipe saddle for mounting. The Figure S810 also has provisions for NPT gauge taps on both the inlet and outlet sides of the diffuser (drilling and tapping should be specified when ordering) along with a plugged NPT drain connection provided at the bottom.

The Figure S810 Suction Diffuser comes equipped with a removable, fine mesh start-up sleeve around the permanent perforated screen. The sleeve should be removed after the start-up period and discarded.

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