FlexHead FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the FlexHead Flexible Sprinkler Systems

What types of sprinkler heads can be used with the FlexHead product?

FlexHead is compatible with all listed or approved sprinkler heads on the market.

How do I calculate the Friction Loss for the FlexHead product?

Simply plug in the equivalent length value from our friction loss chart into your calculation, just as you would for a fitting.

Are hangers required with the FlexHead product?

No. FlexHead is FM approved and UL listed with out the requirement of a hanger.

Can the FlexHead system be installed into a sidewall application?

Yes. The FlexHead system is designed and listed to be used in a sidewall application. Please see installation instructions.

Does the FlexHead product meet the NFPA 13 requirements?

Yes. The FlexHead meets or exceeds all NFPA guidelines and requirements as it is a listed and approved fitting.

Are FlexHeads approved for all states?

Yes. The FlexHead meets or exceeds all NFPA, state and federal guidelines and requirements as it is a listed and approved fitting.

What is the thread size on the FlexHead product?

The inlet for the FlexHead is 1 IPS (NPT) male pipe thread connection. The outlet comes in both and IPS (NPT) female.

Who are your distributors in my area?

For a distributor in your area, please contact Flexhead Industrie at 800-829-6975.

What type of ceiling grids can the FlexHead by used with?

The FlexHead product is FM approved and UL listed to be used with all Light, Medium, Heavy duty grids (per ASTM C635-97, C636-96). Virtually every available suspended ceiling grid system meets these requirements.

How long have FlexHead products been used?

FlexHead products were installed in 1986 and are still in use today.

What type of testing has the FlexHead product been through?

FM and UL put this product through a tremendous battery of testing including hydrostatic pressure tests (5x max operating pressure 875psi & 1,500psi for our 300psi rated model - same as schedule 40 tests), vibration tests (25 hours continuous extreme vibrations), pressure cycling tests (20,000 cycles 0-175psi), Fatigue test (50,000 cycles repeated bending), High Pressure Head Deployment test, Vacuum test, Water Hammer test, Mechanical Strength test, High Temperature test, Freezing test, Salt Spray Corrosion test, etc.

Who is using the FlexHead product?

The FlexHead product is in the master fire protection specifications of several fortune 500 companies, including many major retailers, many major big box stores, Hospitals, Universities, office buildings, schools, malls, restaurants, etc.

Do putting additional bends in the product greatly affect my friction loss calculations?

No. The published friction loss data is a worst case head loss calculation. Each hose was tested with the maximum amount of bends physically possible bent to the minimum bend radius top create a worst case head loss calculation.

Can the FlexHead product be used with any type of a ceiling system?

The FlexHead product can be used in all suspended and sheetrock type ceiling systems.

Will the FlexHead hose lift off the ceiling grid when the sprinkler goes off?

No. Both FM and UL did deployment testing to insure that the product would not

Will the FlexHead accommodate a sprinkler head?

Yes, the FlexHead will accommodate virtually all FM approved or UL Listed sprinkler heads.

What is the hose liner made of?

The hose section and of our entire product line is made from 100% type 304 stainless steel the hose pipe nipples are also 304 stainless steel and are fully welded with a proprietary welding process (no o-rings and 100% leak tested to 175psi). It has burst pressure of over 2,000psi and a working pressure of over 1,000psi.

What is the burst pressure of the FlexHead product?

It has burst pressure of over 2,000psi and a working pressure of over 1,000psi.

Can the FlexHead product be used in a dry pre-action system?

Yes. FlexHead is FM/UL approved for and intended for use in hydraulically designed wet, pre-action, deluge or dry pipe sprinkler systems per NFPA 13, 13R, and 13D guidelines.

Is the FlexHead product being used in Universities, Hospitals?

Yes. Many