Vendor Managed Inventory

Anvil uses a traditional VMI solution to provide our customers with the most accurate ordering information possible. The basis of the program is regular communication of key inventory data from the wholesaler to Anvil’s VMI process. The program is flexible to provide for the best possible VMI relationship.

Distributor Benefits:

  • More efficient ordering — automated to reduce the resources you have to dedicate to manage your inventory levels.
  • Defined order timing — you set the order schedule to meet your needs and plan your business.
  • Improved inventory turns — helps you maximize ROI.
  • Reduced inventory costs — use your warehouse space most efficiently.
  • Reduced inventory stock-outs — avoids emergency orders and rush shipping, while keeping customers happier.
  • Reduced processing costs — saves paperwork, reduces errors and lets your people concentrate on more critical business matters, such as sales and service. Improved service level — gives your customers a higher level of service that makes you their preferred source.