FlexHead Superflex with SLT Technology Fig 20XXSF-SLT & FlexHead MPT Bracket Fig BKT-MPT

FlexHead® Superflex with SLT Technology is the only fully welded flexible sprinkler drop in the industry is available with SlideLOK 74FP coupling. No need to measure or count the number of bends. No need to worry about leaks or kinks. No need to tape or use pipe dope on the threaded fittings. This sprinkler drop provides all the flexibility needed for a fast and easy install. The unit comes fully assembled, can be used straight out of the box, can be used with standard 1" welded outlets and fittings.

The Multi-Position Tall Bracket (MPT) was developed to be the simplest, most versatile mounting bracket for flexible sprinkler drops on the market. This no-touch ceiling tile model allows the ceiling tile to be installed after the FlexHead drop is fully in place.The MPT bracket can be installed on a number of different ceiling grid options. It also works well with 16” on center hard lid ceiling applications.