ASC Engineered Solutions at NFPA 2023

ASC Engineered Solutions is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of the fire protection industry. Our range of products used in fire protection is unmatched. This enables you to source more of what you need from a single knowledgeable and reliable partner with full accountability.

Fire system accessories icon Accessories & Equipment

Our FPPI brand product line is a complete range of specialized product solutions and accessories for fire protection systems, from standpipes to signage.

Our main goal is 100% customer satisfaction, and you can witness this in every step of the process, from our product sourcing to delivery to after-sales-support for distributors and contractors.

You may not think brand matters when choosing fire sprinkler accessories, but consider this: In a category thought to be generic, FPPI strives to leave a mark. Sourced from carefully selected vendors and manufactured from high quality materials and finishes to meet and exceed industry standards, our line of accessories is known to perform on the job. We work hard to give what many contractors think of as "commodity" system parts the competitive edge.

Fabrication equipment icon Fabrication Equipment

Pre-fabbing as much pipe as possible is efficient, accurate and economical, which is why busy mechanical contractors integrate this work into their own shops. One operator can easily and safely square cut, bevel cut and groove accurately and safely with our complete pipe fabrication solutions and equipment.

Our NAP brand automated, technologically advanced fabrication machines are customizable machine stations that enable your shop to fabricate pipe faster and cleaner, with less errors and waste, and with maximum safety in mind

Our latest addition, the NAP Shop-Gruv Automated Roll Groover, eliminates 95% of roll-set changes, allowing greater output than ever before.

New Flex Head icon Flexible Sprinkler Hoses & Brackets

ASC's FlexHead is the original flexible sprinkler hose, dramatically simplifying sub-main connections to save time and labor costs with no impact on system effectiveness.

FlexHead systems connect sprinkler heads to sprinkler sub-mains in about a quarter of the time it takes to install hard pipe. Expect even greater savings in retrofits, where FlexHead installs six to seven times faster than hard pipe. Increase productivity with the ease of installation, no need to install hangers and there is no on-site assembly required. Every sprinkler connection is a finished, pre-constructed assembly, from the 1" pipe connector to the sprinkler head outlet.

In addition, FlexHead provides seismic protection to sprinkler heads allowing for deflection during a seismic event.

ASC Icons Library Grooved coupling Grooved Pipe Fittings & Couplings

We're proud to be the only manufacturers of Gruvlok, our industry-leading grooved line of fittings, couplings, and valves for fire protection products.

Designing with Gruvlok products is easy with our free BIM & CAD content library. Find what you need for your project from the start, design in your preferred software, and eliminate surprises and issues during construction.

Gruvlok products are made in the USA and meet key domestic preference programs and regulations, such as Buy America and Buy American. They're 100% traceable from foundry to installation.

Valve icon Flow Control

Our flow control solutions portfolio is unmatched and continues to expand to better serve our customers.

Our brands include: ABZ Valve, Quadrant Valve, Sharpe Valve, and Gruvlok. We are a distributor of Kennedy Valves for fire protection as well.

We offer valves, accessories and actuators for industrial and commercial/residential applications including:

  • butterfly
  • ball
  • wafer
  • globe
  • check
  • gate
  • oil patch
  • instrumentation
  • controls
  • brass & bronze
  • iron, steel & alloys
  • API 607 fire-safe valves
  • cryogenic rated
  • indicator posts
  • UIL/ULC & FM
  • tri-service (check, control, shutoff)
  • high purity
  • ASME class
  • CWP rated

Hardhat icon Seismic Bracing & Support Solutions

Our comprehensive line of pipe hanger and support system products for fire protection includes:

  • cast and malleable iron fittings
  • forged steel fittings
  • steel pipe nipples and couplings
  • pipe hangers and supports
  • channel and strut fittings

Our Afcon seismic braces, swivels and clamps are designed to provide seismic bracing in fire protection systems, offering industry-leading prying factors allowing support of greater design loads in concrete and reduction of bracing required.

We’re an industry leader in seismic protection systems, offering a comprehensive range of product solutions as well as innovative tools, such as our proprietary Seis Brace® design tool to simplify the matching of products to seismic design requirements.

Seis Brace is the most comprehensive seismic bracing calculation software for fire protection. We provide Seis Brace to our customers free of charge and it allows you to:

  • Specify FM Approved or UL Listed components
  • Perform zone of influence calculations in compliance with NFPA 13 (2016/ASCE7-10), NFPA 13 (2019/ASCE7-16) and NFPA 13 (2022/ASCE7-16).
  • Select product for bracing of either steel or CPVC pipe
  • Generate a submittal with Afcon seismic bracing products, including detail and individual product submittal sheets

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