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ASC Engineered Solutions Introduces Its New Gruvlok® SlideFLEX™ Flexible Coupling With Gasket Options For Use in Mechanical & Mining Systems

Exeter, NH, May 13, 2022 – ASC Engineered Solutions now offers a new, ready for install flexible coupling – the Gruvlok® Fig. 70 SlideFLEX™ coupling – for use in mechanical and mining systems with an operating pressure up to 1,000 psi.

The lightweight SlideFLEX coupling accommodates linear and angular defection and allows for fast, low-cost installation on roll or cut grooved steel pipe, and on Gruvlok grooved-end fittings and valves. The SlideFLEX coupling provides a flexible connection allowing pipe hanging practices per ASME B31 Pipe Codes.

SlideFLEX’s patented SlideLOK gaskets in sizes 2” up to 8” provide four separate sealing surfaces for added protection. Two gasket material options provide flexibility for use in either mechanical or mining applications. Specifiers can choose between SlideFLEX’s Grade “EP” EPDM gasket for water service, oil free air, diluted acids and many other chemical services. Or they can select its Grade “T” nitrile gasket option recommended for petroleum as well as vegetable and mineral oil applications.

For more information on the new Gruvlok Fig. 70 SlideFLEX flexible coupling from ASC-Engineered Solutions, visit the product page, view the submittal and flyer, or contact a local ASC Engineered Solutions sales representative.