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FIG 7012 7012 Flange

4133 7012

The Gruvlok® Fig. 7012 Flange allows direct connection of Class 125 or Class 150 flanged components to a grooved piping system. The two interlocking halves of the 2" thru 12" sizes of the Gruvlok Flange are hinged for ease of handling, and are drawn together by a latch bolt, which eases assembly on the pipe. Precision machined bolt holes, key and mating surfaces assure concentricity and flatness to provide exact fit-up with flanged, lug, and wafer styles of pipe system equipment. A specially designed gasket provides a leak-tight seal on both the pipe and the mating flange face.

The 14" thru 24" sizes of the Gruvlok Fig. 7012 Flange are cast in four segments. A sleek profile gasket design allows quick and easy assembly of the Gruvlok Flange onto the pipe.

All Gruvlok Fig. 7012 Flanges have designed-in anti-rotation tines which bite into and grip the sides of the pipe grooves to provide a secure, rigid connection.

The Gruvlok Fig. 7012 Flange requires the use of a steel adapter insert when used against rubber faced surfaces, wafer/lug design valves and serrated or irregular sealing surfaces. In copper systems a phenolic adapter insert is required, in place of the steel adapter insert. (See Installation and Assembly Instructions Section or contact your Anvil Rep. for details.)

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