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FIG 7401 7401 Rigidlok® Coupling

8449 7401

The Fig. 7401 Rigidlok Coupling is an ideal connector for service and applications that require a rigid connection.

The Fig. 7401 Rigidlok coupling utilizes a technologically advanced housing design that conforms to and grips the pipe.

Coupling installation is fast and easy, remove only one nut and swing the housing over the gasket and into the grooves. The exclusive Guidelok® feature automatically separates the grooved pipe ends and guides the coupling into position as the bolts are tightened. Precisely sized and oriented tines in the housing key section firmly grip the pipe. The combination of these designed in features produce a secure, rigid pipe joint connection.

The Fig. 7401 Rigidlok Coupling is designed for use with roll grooved or cut grooved standard weight and roll grooved lightweight pipe, as well as with grooved-end fittings and valves. The Rigidlok Coupling provides a rigid pipe connection allowing pipe hanging practices per ASME B31 pipe codes.

The Fig. 7401 Rigidlok Coupling allows for a maximum working pressure of 750 psi (51.7 bar) when used on standard wall roll or cut grooved pipe.

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