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FIG 300INS 300INS Adjustable Clevis for Insulated Lines

10215 300

Size Range: 3/4" through 12"

Material: Carbon steel

Finish: Plain, 8" & Smaller: Zinc Plated (Hot-Dip Galvanized optional), 10" & Larger: Hot-Dip Galvanized with Zinc Plated Bolts & Nuts or Epoxy Coated

Service: Recommended for suspension of insulated stationary pipe lines.

Maximum Temperature: Plain 650° F, Galvanized and Epoxy 450° F

Approvals: Complies with Federal Specification A-A-1192A (Type 1), WW-H-171-E (Type 1), ANSI/MSS SP-69 and MSS SP-58 (Type 1).

Installation: Hanger load nut above clevis must be tightened securely to assure proper hanger performance.

Adjustment: Vertical adjustment is provided, varying with the size of the clevis. Tighten upper nut after adjustment.


  • Designed for 2" of insulation on 3/4" through 1-1/2" pipe and 4" of insulation on 2" and larger pipe.
  • When properly installed, clevis bolt is outside the insulation.

Ordering: Specify pipe size, figure number, name and finish.

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