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FIG 7001 7001 Flexible Coupling

4145 7001

The Gruvlok® Fig. 7001 Coupling forms a flexible grooved end pipe joint connection with the versatility for a wide range of applications. Services include mechanical and plumbing, process piping, mining and oil field piping, and many others. The coupling design supplies optimum strength for working pressures to 1000 PSl (69 bar) without excessive casting weight.

The flexible design eases pipe and equipment installation while providing the designed-in benefit of reducing pipeline noise and vibration transmission without the addition of special components. To ease coupling handling and assembly and to assure consistent quality, sizes 1" through 14" couplings have two 180° segment housings, 16" have three 120° segment housings, and 18" through 24" sizes have four 90° segment housings, while the 28" O.D. and 30" O.D. couplings have six 60° segment housings. The 28" O.D. and 30" O.D. are weld-ring couplings.

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