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FIG 7004 Gruvlok 7004 Coupling

7051 7004

The Gruvlok Fig. 7004 is designed to provide the versatility of a grooved joint while providing a rigid pipe joint.

The Fig. 7004 coupling permits working pressure ratings up to 1200 psi (82.7 bar).

This coupling is also suited for lower pressure systems which experience pressure pulses. Systems used for high pressure, including auto and truck washes, will benefit from the increased pressure capability.

Working Pressure & End Load values are based on grooved standard wall pipe.

Fig. 7004 provides a rigid joint and does not allow for expansion or contraction. The Fig. 7004 coupling is an ideal choice for higher pressure applications such as elevator services.

NOTE: Fig. 7004 can be used with EG fittings as a commercial joint only.

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