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FIG 7004EG 7004 Coupling with EG Gasket

7004 Eg

The Gruvlok Fig. 7004 Coupling with EG® Gasket uses the specially designed “End Guard” gasket for use with “EG” grooved pipe. The “EG” gasket has a center rib which extends between the pipes in order to provide pipe end protection, which makes it ideally suited for internally lined or coated pipe applications.

The Fig. 7004 Coupling with EG Gasket permits working pressure ratings up to 2500 psi (172.4 bar).

Working Pressure and End Load values are based on “EG” cut grooved extra heavy steel pipe. Fig. 7004 provides a rigid joint and does not allow for expansion or contraction. Beveled end pipe should not be used with “EG” gaskets.

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