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FIG AF776 AF776 OSHPD Lateral Brace Clamp


Size Range: Service Pipe: 2 1/2" through 8" Carbon Steel, Brace Pipe: 1" or 1 1/4" Sch. 40

Material: Carbon Steel

Finish: Plain or Electro-Galvanized per ASTM B633

Service: Designed to rigidly brace piping systems subjected to lateral seismic loads. May also be installed to brace piping systems subjected to vertical seismic loads. For vertical load capacities, reference OSHPD OPM-0351-13.

Approvals: FM Approved (FM 1950-10 & FM 1950-13). OSHPD Pre-Approved (OPM-0351-13 and OPA-2804-10). Complies with the hanging and bracing requirements listed in NFPA 13.

Features: Visual indication of proper assembly when the head of the set screw bottoms out on the hoop ends.

Installation Instructions:

  • Place the OSHPD Lateral Brace Clamp over the service pipe to be braced and slide the Sch. 40 brace pipe through the hoop ends. The end of the brace pipe must extend at least 1" past the hoop ends.
  • Note: The brace pipe may be installed above or below the service pipe.
  • Ensure brace pipe is set to the desired installation brace angle.
  • Torque the set screws alternately and equally until the head of the set screw bottoms out on the hoop ends.
  • For riser/4-way brace installations, two OSHPD Lateral Brace Clamps must be installed within 6" of each other.
  • Fire Protection applications shall also be installed per the requirements of NFPA 13 and local codes.

Ordering: Specify service pipe size, brace pipe size, figure number, finish and description.

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