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FIG GMB333 B333 Large Diameter Butterfly Valve with Gear Operator


The Model B333 Large Diameter Butterfly Valve provides efficient control of fluid flow in piping systems. It is a grooved-end bubble tight shut-off valve with end-to-end dimensions that meet MSS SP-67, Table 4 and a mounting pad that meets ISO 5211 for the mounting of power actuators. The valve is capable of bidirectional fluid flow at working pressures to 300 psi (20 bar) and may be positioned in any orientation.

The 14 to 24 inch (DN350 to DN600) Model B333 Butterfly Valve is configured with a worm type gear operator and consists of an epoxy powder coated ductile iron body and EPDM or Nitrile (NBR) rubber encapsulation dual-seal disc. The body and disc construction provides for increased strength and durability. The disc seal and body coating are compatible with a variety of chemicals and temperature ranges. Contact your Anvil Representative for specific recommendations on seal and coating selections.

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