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FIG 8000GR 8000GR Butterfly Valve

9415 8000 Gr

The Series 8000GR Butterfly Valve is for use in grooved-end piping systems 14" to 24".


  • Up to 200 psig (13.8 bar) WOG (non-shock)
  • Outstanding flow characteristics
  • Low torque operation
  • Superior flow control
  • Streamline profile disc
  • Suitable for HVAC applications
  • Vacuum service to 29.5” (750 mm) Hg
  • End-of-line service capabilities

Breakaway Torque

Torque is the rotary effort required to operate a value. This turning force in a butterfly valve is determined by three factors; the friction of the disc and seat due to interference for sealing, bearing friction, and fluid dynamic torque.

Breakaway torque is the total of the torques resulting from bearing friction and disc/seat interference friction at a given pressure differential. This value is normally the highest required torque to operate a valve, and is used to size the actuator. Listed below are recommended sizing torques.

Table: Actuator Sizing For General Service Application Gruvlok Series 8000GR Breakaway Torque

NOTE: These values are based on testing performed in the Gruvlok Research & Development Center. These values include a safety factor and are valid for water and lubricating fluids only at 70° F (21° C).

Since torques are greatly increased for dry and non-lubricating fluids and temperature variations, contact your Anvil Sales Office for accurate values in these applications.

Fluid Dynamic Torque

Table: Gruvlok Series 8000GR CV Values

Fluid Dynamic Torque is the force exerted when a fluid passes over the surface of the butterfly valve disc. The magnitude of this force is dependent on valve size, disc opening and flow through the valve. Typically, fluid dynamic torque is a maximum at an approximate 75° disc opening. Generally, the effects of dynamic torque can be ignored when the velocity is less than 15 feet/second for liquids and 15,000 feet/minute for gases to minimize the effects of turbulence on the valve. For applications above these limits, consult engineering.

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