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FIG 20XXSF, 20XXSF-CS FlexHead® SuperFlex®

Superflex Product Image

SuperFlex is a game changer as it is the only fully welded 2″ bend radius commercial fire sprinkler drop on the market. Due to the SuperFlex 2″ bend radius, the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) will no longer have to take the time to measure the bends of a sprinkler hose during final inspection. Inspectors simply look for the bright blue SuperFlex label, which ensures quick and easy final inspections.

The FlexHead SuperFlex fire sprinkler drop design features a flexible, stainless steel hose and full, ten braid strand coverage. All SuperFlex drops are produced as one piece, which eliminates the possibility of leaks. SuperFlex™ is UL listed with a tight 2″ bend radius — offering up to 12 bends at its longest length of 6 feet.

SuperFlex combined with the FlexHead Multi-Position Tall Bracket (Part: MPT24BKT1) – the industry’s tallest bracket – can be fully installed without touching the ceiling tile, providing installers with the quality and versatility needed to get the building to occupancy faster.

The unique design of Superflex improves installation time so that projects are completed faster. Final inspections are also easier.

SuperFlex will benefit a number of people in the building process:

  • Engineers – Quick and easy to specify with no leak issues
  • Contractors – Provides an improved height clearance for limited ceiling height/space, increased bends create more flexibility for installation, and the 2″ bend radius makes it an error proof installation
  • Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) – Ease of inspection by not having to measure the bends because of the 2″ bend radius

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