Functional Snubber Testing

Functional Snubber Testing

ASC's on-site snubber testing services are provided by our Basic-PSA team. We provide critical support with qualified field engineers for plant maintenance and testing programs.

Our Mobile Test Trailers, which feature industry-leading Barker/Diacon test equipment, contain two environments: a “hot” side to perform functional testing, conduct snubber work, and accept contaminated parts, and a “clean” side to conduct administrative work.

To request more information about our on-site snubber testing services, contact us or call 207-985-7550.

Small bore snubber testing services:

Using the portable MHCI 623 A & B Test Systems or the Barker/Diacon Systems 2000, Basic-PSA provides the capability to test all types of snubbers. This includes acceleration/velocity activation and drag testing for mechanical snubbers. For hydraulic snubbers, it includes lock-up, bleed, and drag values. Our small bore test equipment provides testing capabilities up to 200 kip.

Large bore snubber testing services:

Using the Barker/Diacon IPST10 In-Place Snubber test machine, we provide a method of testing large bore (steam generator) hydraulic snubbers in their installed location, up to 13,000 Kip.

We also provide remote location snubber control valve testing which allows the utility to complete lockup and bleed rate testing of the control valves without unpinning or removing large bore steam generator snubbers.