Pipe Support Engineering

Pipe Support Engineering

ASC Engineered Solutions prides itself on consistently delivering products and services that meet our customers' specific needs. If one of our standard products does not suit your application, simply submit your request for a custom design pipe hanger or support. Our team will engineer, design, and fabricate to your specific application. Learn more about our machining capabilities.

All our pipe clamps are available for larger loads, custom diameters, and a variety of alloy materials including Incoloy, grade 22, grade 91, and stainless steel. We can supply constant supports that can accommodate over 30” of travel, constant supports with adjustable loads, and base type constant supports with low profiles. We have engineered variable springs and designed them to accommodate over 20" of travel with a spring canister of over 20’0" long.

We supply custom engineered pipe shoes in carbon, alloy, and stainless steels for loads and temperatures in excess of our standard, as well as custom pipe shoes to accommodate special heights and long travel. Hydraulic Snubbers and rigid struts have been designed for loads of over one million pounds, travel exceeding 20”, and ambient temperatures of -50°F.

Pipe support design or service questions? Contact us today or call 401-886-3000.

We're here for your urgent service needs too. Call our emergency hotline: 401-533-6896.