Snubber Support Services

Snubber Support for Products & Field Services

ASC Engineered Solutions leads the power industry in snubber support programs. Our team is a group of elite, factory-trained certified technicians that are available to help meet your snubber program needs. We have deep knowledge of snubber components and functionality as the OEMs of the PSA Mechanical Snubber.

Our team is well versed in the ASME Code requirements for nuclear facilities. We apply this knowledge and our experience in numerous snubber applications to address your specific concerns. Our staff can provide the snubber interface and load capability information you need for new or existing piping systems, as well as pipe support design. Our engineers can also work with the utility to implement a Ten Step PM Program to monitor and extend the service life of the Basic-PSA Mechanical Snubbers currently installed in your facility.

ASC supplies our customers with custom service packages for utility snubber programs including:

  • Functional test equipment and testing services for large and small bore snubbers
  • Snubber Engineering Support
  • Work procedures
  • Temporary On-Site Spare Snubbers and Snubber Part Kits
  • Mechanical and hydraulic snubber refurbishment
  • Snubber removal and reinstallation personnel
  • VT-3 inspectors personnel and VT 3 Level II Inspections
  • Quality control personnel
  • Digital Imaging for Snubber Cold Set Verification
  • Long Term Service Contracts with discounted Rates for both Product & Service
  • Snubber Removal & Reinstallation Services

We can also provide partial support to your snubber program, depending on what you already have in place. By working directly on-site with plant maintenance and engineering personnel, Basic-PSA will pre-determine your needs and customize a service contract that best supports your snubber program.

ASC's Quality Assurance Program meets the requirements of ASME Section III, NCA-3800/4000, ASME Section XI, 10CFR50 Appendix B, ANSI N45.2 and NQA-1. Basic-PSA also holds NPT & NS Certificates issued by ASME.

SA Mechanical and Hydraulic Snubber Rebuilds and Refurbishment

ASC certified service technicians set the industry standard. We feel that no other team has more expertise or does a better, more efficient job of regreasing, repairing, and functional testing PSA Mechanical Snubbers than the technicians who actually build these snubbers at our Johnstown, PA facility.

In addition, we offer the same credentials for hydraulic snubbers. Our PSA certified technicians hold Hydraulic Rebuild Certifications awarded through ASC's comprehensive training program. These certificates include:

  1. Lisega
  2. Grinnell
  3. E-Systems
  4. Paul Munroe
  5. Power Piping
  6. Basic Engineers

Mobile Onsite Inventory:

For plants utilizing our on-site Snubber Service Group, we offer an on-site snubber spare parts inventory to better assist your utility with immediate guaranteed availability of snubber spare parts. This service is provided on-site during critical outage schedules. This service eliminates the need to carry costly inventory in the non-outage season as well as the worries of shipping time and product availability when a snubber program is at its most critical point.

Prior to arriving on-site to support your snubber program, our team will work closely with your utility to customize a mobile inventory to best suit the needs of your snubber program.

For product support questions, contact us at our Johnstown office: 814-266-8646.

For more information about our snubber field services, contact us or call 207-985-7550.

We are here for you in an emergency - call 207-985-7550, day or night.

Service History

ASC Engineered Solutions has performed Service Contracts for the following Nuclear Power Plants:

  • Beaver Valley Nuclear Station
  • Braidwood Nuclear Station
  • Bruce-BNGS Nuclear Station (Ontario, Canada)
  • Byron Nuclear Station
  • Callaway Nuclear Station
  • Clinton Nuclear Station
  • Columbia Nuclear Station
  • Diablo Canyon Nuclear Station
  • Dresden Nuclear Station
  • Duane Arnold Nuclear Station
  • Grand Gulf Nuclear Station
  • La Guna Verde Nuclear Station (Mexico)
  • LaSalle County Nuclear Generating Station
  • Millstone Nuclear Station
  • Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station
  • Nuklerna Nuclear Power Plant (Slovenia)
  • Palo Verde Nuclear Station
  • Pickering Nuclear Station (Ontario)
  • Pilgrim Nuclear Station
  • Point LePreau Nuclear Station (New Brunswick)
  • Prairie Island Nuclear Station
  • Quad Cities Generating Station
  • Ringhals Nuclear Power Plant (Sweden)
  • River Bend Nuclear Station
  • Seabrook Nuclear Station
  • Sequoyah Nuclear Station
  • Shearon Harris Nuclear Station
  • St. Lucie Nuclear Station
  • Susquehanna Nuclear Station
  • Turkey Point Nuclear Station
  • Vasteras Nuclear Power Plant (Sweden)
  • VC Summer Nuclear Station
  • Watts Bar Nuclear Station