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FIG ASDAKNUT Dakota Smart-Nut


Anvil Dakota Smart-NutTM is a fast installation solution for trapeze and multi-tiered trapeze hangers in mechanical HVAC and plumbing applications. It is compatible with 12 and 14 gauge strut and 3/8” threaded rod.

  • Snap on
  • Twist to lock
  • No cleaning or chasing threads
  • No time consuming threading
  • Less labor to install
  • Reduced material cost
  • Visual verification

The unique snap-on and twist-to-lock features of Dakota Smart Nut eliminate the need to clean or chase threads after field cutting threaded rod, and make time-consuming threading of standard nuts unnecessary. Faster, easier installation decreases labor costs significantly. Reduction of materials needed lowers the overall material cost, and simplifies the installation process during fabrication and on the job site. The quarter-turn lock provides visual verification of proper installation.

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