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FIG 65GCPE & 65GCPN & 65GCPF COOPLOK Standard "C" Type Gasket


Fig. 65GCPE (EPDM), 65GCPN (Nitrile) 65GCPF (Fluoroelastomer)

Standard "C" Type gaskets are the most commonly used coupling gasket. When installed, they provide a seal over each grooved pipe end. As coupling housings are tightened, they form the gasket to the inside cavity of the coupling creating an additional seal. The pressure of the system increases the sealing action of the gasket against the pipe, providing a leak-tight seal.

For use with COOPLOK™ 65LR, 65LF, 65SR & 65SF couplings. For COOPLOK™ 65HP Couplings, use 65GHPN (Nitrile with Double Orange Stripe) gaskets only.

Available in Pre-Lubricated EPDM, Nitrile & Fluoroelastomer*. Sizes: 1-1/4" to 24" *(Sizes: 1-1/4” to 12”)

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