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FIG AF087 AF087 Structural Brace Attachment


Size Range: Flange Thickness: Up to 1/2" thick (UL), Up to 3/8" thick (FM)

Material: Ductile Iron with Carbon Steel Hardware

Finish: Plain or Electro-Galvanized per ASTM B633

Service: A seismic structural attachment designed to attach to steel I-beams, flanges, and joists. The Structural Brace Attachment rigidly braces piping systems subjected to horizontal seismic loads.

Approvals: cULus Listed (UL 203a) and FM Approved (FM 1950-10 & FM 1950-13). Complies with the hanging and bracing requirements listed in NFPA 13.

Features: Shear off bolt provides a visual indication that the desired torque value has been achieved.

Installation Instructions:

  • Place structural brace attachment on a horizontal or vertical steel flange.
  • Torque shear off bolts evenly and equally until the head shears off.
  • Install the 1/2" mounting bolt through the 1/2" AF075, AF076, or AF077 mounting hole. The mounting bolt shall be installed wrench tight (typically finger tight plus 1/4 to 1/2 turns).
  • Installation angle determined by the brace angle of the brace pipe and the AF075, AF076, or AF077.
  • Fire Protection applications shall also be installed per the requirements of NFPA 13 and local codes.

Patent: No. 6,629,678

Ordering: Specify figure number, finish and description.

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