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FIG AN7721-3, AN7711-3, AN7712-3, AN771D-3, AN7714-3, AN7722-3, AN7720-3, AN7721-3, AN7723-3, AN7724-3 7700 Butterfly Valve

10192 7700

Used in commercial grooved-end piping systems 2" through 12".

The uniqueness of the Series 7700 Gruvlok Butterfly Valve begins with the spherical bore of the disc seat area. This facilitates a constant DISC-TO-SEAT loading that maintains a leak tight stem seal regardless of disc position. The stem sealing force is constant through the full disc cycle and operating torques are kept low which increases valve life. The design provides a bubble tight seal from full vacuum to 300 psi when the valve is closed. The valve is rated for dead-end service to a full pressure rating of 300 psi. Silicone Free Series 7700 available upon special request.

The stem-to-disc connection provides zero backlash. The high strength, corrosion resistant, stainless steel stems are blow-out proof. Each stem is fitted with a secondary seal that also provides a lifetime lubrication chamber.

The Series 7700 valve is designed with the contractor in mind. The valve body is a rugged one-piece casting with an integral mounting base for gear operator or handle actuation, while providing room for a minimum of 2" of pipe insulation. The valve is designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the requirements of MSS SP-67.

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