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FIG GMB8200L B8200L PVC Butterfly Valve

B8200 L

Model B8200 Buttlerfly Valves are available in sizes 2 through 8 inch diameters. Precision machined grooves in the valve body provide easy alignment of the valve and compatible PVC couplings, allowing for the insertion of the spline to connect the Model B8200 Valve to the PVC piping system. Flow may enter the valve from either direction and valve can be orientated in any direction.

The valve efficiently controls the flow of fluid through the use of a 10-position lever lock plate that has full open, closed, and graduated intermediate locking positions. The lever handle may be pad-locked in any of the positions, including full open and closed to prevent tampering.

The valve body is constructed of ductile iron with a tough epoxy-coating. The disc is Nitrile coated ductile iron construction. The body and disc construction provide high strength and durability as well as compatibility with a wide variety of chemicals. Type 316 Stainless Steel Stems have EDPM O-rings as back-up seals.

Model B8200 Butterfly Valves have a rated working pressure of 320 psi (22 bar), which equals or exceeds the pressure rating of all components. The working temperature range of the valve is from 32°F to 140°F (0°C to 60°C).

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